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#1 destination for professional events  


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How can Confee help?

Confee makes it easy for you to search one central place to find the right events and conferences worth sponsoring in your niche target market(s). Don’t waste your precious marketing dollars supporting the wrong events when you have Confee to help you zero in on what the latest events are in your specific desired market.

As a sponsor, Confee is here to help you achieve the following benefits

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Find relevant events worth sponsoring

Attract attendees

Lead generation


Gain transparent ROI

Gain transparent ROI



Confee works with any event platform like Hopin, Zoom, Airmeet, Bizzabo, Eventbrite.

All kinds of events

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We're working hard to offer the world’s largest collection of virtual, in-person, and hybrid conferences, webinars, podcasts, audio roomstalks, professional meetups, and much more. 

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